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GLOBE 2014

In 1993, the GLOBE Foundation, a not-for-profit private international business foundation, was established in Vancouver to carry forward our mandate to promote the business case for sustainable development. Our philosophy? Companies can do well by doing good without sacrificing the bottom line, and environmental challenges bring enormous opportunity for the business sector.

A neutral, self-funded, non-partisan authority on environmental business, we work with the corporate sector, environmental technology and service providers, and all levels of government as well as NGOs, academia, and global agencies, providing a platform through our various activities for the debate and development of solutions geared towards achieving a low carbon economy.

We have steadily grown and expanded our capacity and services over the years to now comprise The GLOBE Group. Each of the areas in which GLOBE operates revolves around amplifying the concept that protecting the environment will result in a better bottom line for business. Eco-efficiency is profitable not only for those who devise the solutions, but also those that use them. All of our activities, from our events series to our consulting and communication products, mobilize these ideas into the culminating result of being the first entity to focus on developing the business of the environment – not only in Canada, but around the globe.

The GLOBE Series, our Flagship event Series, has taken place biennially since 1990.  GLOBE 2014 marks the 13th event in this renowned Series.

For a sample of the exceptional speakers we’ve had over the years, please view the GLOBE Series brochure below or download a pdf.