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GLOBE 2014

A New Era for Business: Emerging Drivers of the Circular Economy

Posted On 14 Nov 2013
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In the face of sharp volatility increases across the global economy and proliferating signs of resource depletion, the call for a new economic model is getting louder. In the quest for a substantial improvement in resource performance across the economy, businesses have embraced innovation as a saviour. This session will explore the “size of the prize” and the strategies businesses are using to practically capture the opportunities. Listen and learn more about the emerging drivers of the circular economy.

Speakers Include:

Vanessa TimmerVanessa Timmer, Executive Director & Co-founder,
One Earth, Canada (M)

Jamie Butterworth, Chief Executive,
Ellen MacArthur Foundation, United Kingdom

Bruce LourieBruce Lourie, President,
Ivey Foundation, Canada

Cristian BarcanCristian Barcan, Head of S.E.T. & Applied Sustainability,

Dayna Baumeister to Speak at GLOBE 2014Dayna Baumeister, Co-Founder,
Biomimicry 3.8, USA

'Sustainable Leader 2013', Peter Laybourn, to Speak at GLOBE 2014Peter Laybourn, Chief Executive,
International Synergies, United Kingdom

Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Resource Efficiency, Innovation, Waste Management, Public Policy


Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment

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