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Carbon Recycling: Turning Carbon from a Waste into an Asset

Posted On 14 Nov 2013
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After a century extracting carbon-based assets to power our economy, we urgently need to manage carbon emissions while ensuring affordable energy. Can we capture carbon and turn it into something of significant societal and economic value? This session will explore the emerging technological and economic pathways – many pioneered in Canada – to turn industrial CO2 emissions into fuels, fertilizers, feeds, chemicals, plastics, building materials, and other valuable products.

Speakers Include:

Eisenberger, NicholasNicholas Moore Eisenberger, Managing Partner,
Pure Energy Partners, USA

Bob MitchellBob Mitchell, Senior Director,
ConocoPhillips Canada

Ed RodeEdward Rode, Principal Researcher,
DNV GL Strategic research & Innovation, USA

Stein, Lee2 Lee Stein, Managing Partner, Prize Capital LLC, USA

Tags: Natural Resources, Resource Efficiency, Climate Change, Clean Technology, Innovation, Green Buildings, Extractive Industries

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