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The Sharing Economy: Capitalizing on a Powerful New Sustainable Business Model

Posted On 14 Nov 2013
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The “collaborative” or “sharing” economy is a disruptive new business model where information technology and social media is used to sell, share, trade, rent, or borrow unused assets. Collectively these activities earn extra income, save money, and use resources more efficiently. Learn from the early pioneers in the sharing economy on how you can capitalize on this powerful new business model.

Speakers Include:

Van Seters, DavidDavid Van Seters, President,
Sustainability Ventures, Canada

John AtchesonJohn Atcheson, Founder/CEO,
Stuffstr, USA

Ormesher, PeterPeter Ormesher, CFO,
Zipments, Canada

Chris DiplockChris Diplock, Lead Researcher,
Collective Research Group, Canada

Hatton, Daryl2Daryl Hatton, Founder & CEO,, Canada

Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Resource Efficiency, Innovation, Waste Management


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