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Green is the New Black: The Growing Role of the C-Suite in Sustainability 

Posted On 14 Nov 2013
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“Green” and sustainability solutions are becoming an increasingly integral part of financial planning and the work of the C-Suite and boards. Corporate executives are being asked to strategically evaluate new means to reduce cost, increase tax efficiency, manage risks, as well as meet shareholder expectations. Understanding sustainability is becoming essential for a company’s senior management and its board of directors for not just meeting the inherent challenges of an ever more competitive global economy, but with respect to identifying the opportunities for new business. Find out how organizations are embedding sustainability into core business strategy, and how this is changing the tone at the top.

Clarence House staff, December 2013Jessica Fries, Executive Chairman,
The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) Project, United Kingdom (M)

Warren Allen 2012Warren Allen, President,
International Federation of Accountants, USA

Henry StochHenry Stoch, Partner, Sustainability & Climate Change,
Deloitte Canada

Beverley BriscoeBeverley Briscoe, Chair of Audit Committee,
Goldcorp Inc., Canada

Patrick DanielPatrick Daniel, Former President & CEO,
Enbridge Inc., Canada

Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Transparency

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