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GLOBE 2014

Mines of the Future

Posted On 14 Nov 2013
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Sponsored by Rio Tinto

Canada has been a world leader in the ‘greening’ of the mining sector, which has become a major concern worldwide. New technologies, mineral production and refining processes, coupled with vastly improved management practices and regulation for mine wastes and water use, have significantly reduced the environmental impacts of large scale mining and have changed how the international mining sector is responding to demands for more environmentally sensitive processes and practices. How can R&D be applied in order to lower operational costs and also generate industry best practices? How can the R&D process be accelerated?

Speakers Include:

Ginny FloodVirginia (Ginny) Flood, Vice President, Canada,
Rio Tinto, Canada (M)

Timon LeDainTimon LeDain, Vice President of Operations,
Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)

Chris Twigge-MoleceyChris Twigge-Molecey, Senior Advisor,
Hatch, Canada

Marian Campbell JarvisMarian Campbell Jarvis, Assistant Deputy Minister, Minerals & Metals,
Natural Resources Canada

Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Extractive Industries, Clean Technology


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