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Natural Capital: Paying for What We Take From Nature

Posted On 14 Nov 2013
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“Natural capital” refers to the multiple resources and services that our society and economy draws from nature, some of which we pay for, many of which we don’t. With resource and population pressures growing, the role that natural capital plays in our national economies, and how to manage that capital wisely, will be a major preoccupation for economies going forward. This panel will look at the “state of the art” on natural capital: how it is defined, how it gets measured, and how and why it matters to decisions governments, businesses, and individuals make.

Speakers Include: 

Alex WoodAlex Wood, Senior Director, Policy and Markets,
Sustainable Prosperity, Canada

Peter BakkerPeter Bakker, CEO, World Business Council for
Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Switzerland

Nigel ToppingNigel Topping, Executive Director,
CDP, United Kingdom

Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Natural Resources


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